The Renter is desirous of hiring the vehicle, the particulars of which are as set forth in the “Vehicle Information” segment of the Agreement (“Rental Vehicle”), from Jfz Car Rental, and we are has agreed to let the Rental Vehicle to the Hirer, subject to the terms and conditions as follow.



  1. The Renter hereby acknowledges that the Rental Vehicle shall at all times remain the property, and the Renter shall acquire no rights to the Rental Vehicle other than the right to use the Rental Vehicle as a Renter and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
  2. acts as an intermediary service provider to connect the Renter to Vehicle. The contract is between the Renter and Jfz Car Rental


  1. Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement, Jfz makes no other warranties to the Renter in relation to the Rental Vehicle. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Jfz hereby disclaim all express, implied or statutory conditions, representations and warranties, including but not limited to any implied warranty or condition of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose in respect of the Rental Vehicle.


  1. The rental charges for the Rental Vehicle shall be as stipulated on the this website.
  2. The Renter agrees to return the vehicle with all documents and accessories present at the time of collection and in the same condition as they were on collection.
  3. The Renter agrees to ensure the keys are returned at the end of the booking.
  4. Delivery Charges: where has been requested by the Renter to deliver the Rental Vehicle to any location other than the office from which the Rental Vehicle is hired (“Rent
  5. l Location”);
  6. Drop-off Charges: Where Jfz has been requested by the Renter to collect the Rental Vehicle from any location which is situated in a different Location;
  7. Such other charges as may be provided under this Agreement. (each, an “Additional Charge” and collectively, “Additional Charges”)
  8. The Rental Vehicle must be returned by the agreed time and date to the original collection point as booked in the website, as stated in the online reservation.
  9. we accepts the following credit and/or debit cards: MasterCard and Visa;
  10. The Renter’s credit and/or debit card shall have a validity period of at least one (1) year from the date of this Agreement.
  11. Pickup and return:
  12. Where applicable, the Renter may also be liable to pay any one or more of the following additional charges:
  13. The Renter shall promptly pay the Rental Charges and/or Additional Charge(s) before or upon vehicle check-out or on the due date as may be indicated by online reservation.
  14. In the event of any default in the payment of the Rental Charges and/or Additional Charge(s) by the Renter, we shall be entitled to impose a late payment interest at the rate of eighteen per centum (18%) per annum on the outstanding Rental Charges and/or Additional Charge(s) (“Late Payment Interest”).
  15. The Rental Charges and/or Additional Charges shall be paid by way of debit and/or credit card. Where the payment is made by way of credit card:


  1. Designated Driver(s) for the Rental Vehicle: 
    The Rental Vehicle shall only be driven by the Renter and/or any other person(s) who has been authorised by GoCar (the “Designated Drivers”):
  2. The Designated Driver(s) shall be between the ages of twenty-one (21) years old to seventy (70) years old.
  3. The Renter shall obtain MCR’s prior written approval before effecting any changes to the list of Designated Driver(s);
  4. None of the Designated Driver(s) shall have suffered or is suffering from any physical infirmity and/or defective vision or hearing which may impair his/her driving abilities;
  5. None of the Designated Driver(s) shall have been convicted at any time during the past five (5) years for any traffic offences;
  6. None of the Designated Driver(s) shall be a probationary license holder;
  7. None of the Designated Driver(s) shall have been refused or cancelled his/her motor insurance policy;
  8. If the Designated Driver(s) is a Malaysian, a valid Malaysian driving license must be presented.
  9. Where the Designated Driver is a non-Malaysian citizen, a valid international driving license or a Malaysian license, for more than two (2) years. A passport must also be presented.
  10. Driving license must be valid more than two (2) years at the point for registration.
  11. Any wrongful use of the Rental Vehicle in breach of the terms of this Agreement by the Designated Driver(s) shall be deemed as a breach by the Renter.
  12. For any purpose for which it is not expressly designed;
  13. For commercial purpose, including but not limited to carrying passengers or property for hire;
  14. To propel or tow any vehicle or other object;
  15. To participate in any race, test or contest;
  16. In any manner whereby the Rental Vehicle will be loaded beyond its permitted capacity;
  17. For any illegal and/or unlawful purposes;
  18. To carry any item(s) that will discharge any unpleasant odours (e.g. pets, durians, salted fish and etc.). Smoking in the Rental Vehicle is also strictly prohibited. The Renter shall be liable to reimburse for all costs incurred to eliminate such odours and the loss of rental days of the Rental Vehicle.The Renter shall:
  19. Whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  20. Checking and adjusting as necessary the radiator and engine fluid levels of the Rental Vehicle;
  21. Cleaning the exterior, interior and upholstery of the Rental Vehicle;
  22. Replacing any shattered, broken or splintered windscreens or windows to the Rental Vehicle, unless where the Renter has purchased the “Windscreen Protection Waiver, in which case the Renter shall only be liable to pay the amount as stipulated in the “NW Excess” column for “Windscreen Protection”in the Agreement; and
  23. Ensuring that the Rental Vehicle has sufficient engine oil, water, correct tyre pressure.
  24. Replacing any flat tyre or flat battery to the the Rental Vehicle, along with additional cost for tow truck assistance, this is applicable when after the Renter has collected the Vehicle.
  25. Ensure that the Rental Vehicle shall not be used:
  26. Not do or attempt to do any act which may infringe upon the ownership or interests of us in the Rental Vehicle or which may affect the policy or policies of insurance on the Rental Vehicle;
  27. Not affect any mechanical, or tampering with electronics or other modification to the Rental Vehicle, make any alterations or additions, or fit any towing equipment or other accessories or non-standard tyres to the Rental Vehicle without the prior written consent of owners;
  28. Be liable for all missing, stolen or broken parts and/or accessories of the Rental Vehicle as stipulated in the “Vehicle Checklist” form;
  29. Be liable for the costs of replacement of any loss car key(s) and/or the costs for the creation of any additional car key(s) for the Rental Vehicle;
  30. Look after the Rental Vehicle and ensure that it is properly locked and secured and parked in a safe place when not in use;
  31. Be solely responsible at its own costs for the condition and maintenance of the Rental Vehicle as follows:
  32. Bear the cost of the repair or rectification of any damage to the Rental Vehicle resulting from the negligence / intentional act / vandalising act / improper use of the Rental Vehicle by any of the Designated Driver(s);
  33. The Renter shall be solely liable for all parking fees, traffic fines, penalties or summonses incurred in respect of the Rental Vehicle during the Rental Period (as defined hereinafter below).
  34. We shall be entitled to charge against the Renter’s debit/credit card, upon receiving any notifications from the relevant Malaysian authorities for any parking fees, traffic fines, penalties or summonses incurred by the Renter during the Rental Period (as defined hereinafter below), together with an additional administration fee of RM10.00 (subject to the prevailing GST charges).
  35. Not take or allow the Rental Vehicle to be taken out of Malaysia without the prior written consent, and in the event such written consent is being given, owner may impose such terms and conditions as it may deem fit;
  36. Any negligence, omission or willful misconduct of the Renter and/or Designated Driver(s) in the use of the Rental Vehicle; and/or
  37. The Renter’s breach of any of its obligations, duties and/or representations and warranties under this Agreement.
  38. Not deface the paintwork or bodywork of the Rental Vehicle nor add or erect any painting, sign-writing, lettering, or advertising to or on the Rental Vehicle;
  39. we shall be entitled to repossess the Rental Vehicle without sending any notice to the Renter where:
  40. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Renter hereby agrees to waive any right to any hearing or to receive any notice or legal process as a pre-condition for repossess the Rental Vehicle.
  41. The Renter hereby authorises to enter any premises owned or occupied by the Renter, or where necessary, to make all reasonable efforts to secure and obtain the right, license and/or permission for owner to enter any premises for purposes of recovering and repossessing the Rental Vehicle.
  42. The Renter shall reimburse for all costs and expenses incurred in the recovery and repossession of the Rental Vehicle, and shall indemnify against any and all claims which may be brought by any third party against arising out of or resulting from owner recovery or repossession of the Rental Vehicle.
  43. Not remove or interfere with any identification marks or plates affixed to the Rental Vehicle, nor attempt nor permit the same;
  44. The loss or damage to any property left, stored, loaded or transported in or upon the Rental Vehicle by the Renter and/or any of the Designated Driver(s) during the Rental Period (as defined hereinafter below). The Renter hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless from any claims for the loss or damage to such property;
  45. Any indirect or consequential loss or damage (including, without limitation, any loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill and loss of reputation) or punitive damages, regardless of the basis of the claim, whether in contract, tort, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory, whether or not has been advised of the possibility of such claim, loss, demand or damages.
  46. Parking & traffic fines:
  47. The Renter shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless from and against all damages, liabilities, costs, expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees), claims or judgment that arise out of or results primarily from:
  48. Repossession of the Rental Vehicle :
  49. The Renter has failed to pay the Rental Charges for more than twenty four (24) hours after the Due Date; and/or
  50. here has been a breach in the use of the Rental Vehicle by the Renter, and the Renter has failed to remedy the breach within twenty four (24) hours after receiving a written notice from us requiring the Renter to remedy the breach.


  1. If the Renter experiences any problem with the Rental Vehicle during the Rental Period (as defined hereinafter below) (e.g. due to accident or mechanical failure), the Renter may seek assistance by dialling the owner
  2. The Renter shall not allow any third party to carry out any service and/or maintenance work on the Rental Vehicle without having obtained to owner prior written consent.


  1. The rental period for the Rental Vehicle shall commence from the “Booking Start Date & Time” and shall end at the “Booking End Date & Time”, as stipulated on the online reservation.
  2. In the event the Renter fails to return the Rental Vehicle to its designated point upon the expiry of the rental period, the Renter shall be charged a late fee plus any applicable penalty fee resulting from the late return.


  1. To the extent that any personal data is received and being processed by the Parties during the course of performing their respective obligations under this Agreement, each of the Parties shall and shall obligate its personnel entrusted with the processing of such personal data to do so in accordance with the applicable laws, and not process personal data in such a way as to cause the other Party to contravene the applicable laws, including but not limited to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. (Link to Privacy Policy (PDPA)


Payment Term

  1. Payment by online booking we accept by Bank Transfer including Maybank, CIMB BANK, PUBLIC BANK. Minimum of payment 50% deposit must be paid for confirm booking. Balance payment must be paid upon collect car
  2. Credit/Debit Card by paypal got charge 6%, paypal support any card. Full Payment charge on payment and no balance payment upon collection.
  3. Balance payment must be paid when arrive, and can be pay by cash and credit card (4%charge)



  1. Full 100% refund of deposit booking if any cancellation 4 days  before travel date.
  2. If payment thru paypal, full refund including paypal charge (6%) will be Issue refund (if not more than 3 month) if already past than 3 month, only rental rate will be refund and 6% no refund.


Online Booking

  1. Payment for deposit booking must be paid by 24 hrs. Without deposit in 24hrs, your booking automatically cancel and be re open
  2. Maximum of pax must be confirm with selected car only, if request for small car must be 1-4 pax of adult must be take car by follow maximum of seater (example if book 5 seater car "Sedan" Maximum of seater car only 5pax) if your come with 7pax we will charge on mpv price and your car not sedan but MPV.
  3. Please download and print PDF Order when received by email for your record and come bring together with you attach also any deposit receipt or payment with rental order


Terms & conditions when Collecting a car

  1. I acknowledge receiving the above said in good condition at time of rental.
  2. I agree that the said vehicle shall not be used or permitted in contravention of any statute. Ordinance, enactment or regulation for the time on force or any manner by reason of which the said vehicle may to seizure confiscation of forfeiture or otherwise in any way monetary to law.
  3. I agree to undertake full responsibility on the vehicle until its return to the owner.
  4. I agree that the vehicle insurance cover  subjected to the excess clause: MYR 3000 for standard car , MYR 5000 for suv/mpv, MYR10000 Executive Car/Suv/Mpv.
  5. I agree and promise to pay axcessive for late delivery RM20 MPV&VAN, RM10 Car for every extra hour delay.
  6. renter's are reminded that under body and overhead damage is at the renter's risk at all time and all insurance is void is vehicle are driven unsealed of unmade roads or surfaces.
  7. All insurance is declare null and void if the cause of the accident is due to weakness of the renter's.
  8. Missing of vehicle accessories are not protected under insurance.
  9. Petrol/Diesel is not include in the rates. Each vehicle is supplied with Petrol/Diesel and shall be return with the same level. otherwise, refueling service will be provided at renter's expenses.
  10. the renter's is fully responsible for all parking charge and fines for traffic and parking.


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